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PlayStation 2 2 DTL-T10000 TOOL

The most sought after, and the most mysterious piece of PlayStation 2 development hardware ever uncovered. Capable of operating in three different modes, including a regular workstation mode, this 13 kg monster of a machine lets the owner do pretty much anything with it he or she could wish. But then it also comes with a price tag matching a faily nice sports car.

The specs:

Suggested Retail Price: 19,000 USD (tax not included)
Dimensions: 230mm (W) x 405 mm (H) x 422mm (D) (9 1/8" x 16 1/8" x 16 5/8")
Weight: Approximately 13 kg (28 lbs. 8 oz.)
Operational Modes:
-"TOOL" (development environment)
-"WS" (workstation)
-"CPU EE" (Emotion Engine®)
Clock Frequency: 294.912 MHz
Main Memory: 128MB (Direct RDRAM)
Graphics Processor GS (Graphics Synthesizer)
-Clock Frequency: 147.456MHz
-Embedded Cache VRAM: 4MB
I/O Processor PlayStation CPU+
- Clock Frequency: 33.8688/36.864MHz
- IOP Memory: 2MB
Communication Processor: MMX Pentium 233MHz
Hard Discs: 3.5" HDD (2) (Maximum 3)
Communication Processor WS Mode DVD/CD Emulator (optional)
External Interfaces:
- Controller Port (2)
- Memory Card Slot (2)
- AV Multi Out Optical Digital Out
- USB Port (2)
- IEEE1394 (i.LINK) Port
- PlayStation2 AV Cable
- PC Card Interface (Type III)
- Network Terminal (100 Base-T/10 Base-T)
- S Video
Input Power Requirements: AC100 - 240V (± 10%) 50/60 HZ (± 10%)
Power Consumption: 3.8 A (100V), 1.6 A (240V)
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