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Casio Loopy

This is an interesting piece of console history, and is one of the first consoles to be aimed directly at girls. Casio launched the Loopy after their miserable attempt to enter the console business with the Casio PV-1000, and hoped that the girl-gamer market would save their investments.

Basically, the Loopy is nothing more than a primitive doll-simulator, enabling little girls to put clothes and other fashion items onto anime characters. The features and capabilities don't extend to much more that exactly that. However, a very interesting feature is the fact that - built in - is a thermal sticker printer, with which you can print images from any of the available games.

This sticker feature becomes even more interesting with the included add-on called The Magical Shop Word Processor. With its AV input jacks, this enabled the Loopy to connect to any secondary source (DVD, VCR, Video Camera etc.) and make stickers from these sources as well. You could even add text to these stickers, but only using Kanji.
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