8 bit fest d. 24/1 i kbh med MENEO!

varmtvandvarmtvandSkrevet 15/01-15 08:23 
PaRtY pArTy and dance! with The crazy 8bit tropicalbass legend: MENEO from Spain. A impro set with the amiga geek GOTO80 - He is your slave! Tell him what music to make! and The Danish electro Gameboy pop Dude SØREN... and ANTI- HUMANISME by Lu Yang. Vernissage at 18:00

You HAVE TO Check this video with MENEO from the super cool documentary about the 8bit music-scene in Europe "Europe in 8bit"
This is something you have to experience!

MENEO [ES] http://meneo.info/
Dataslav [SE] http://www.dataslojd.se/music/dataslav/
Søren Andreasen [DK] http://sorenandreasen.com/gameboy-live/

DJ: Thomas Kyhn Rovsing Hjørnet
! Electronic, experimental, library, muzak ! 50s–present !

Door 20,- incl sticker and program. Chiip alcohol. NO Credit card.

8bit klubben & OK Corral presents:

Artist, musician, producer and cultural agitator Rigo Pex is MENEO, who's live performances stand-out as an irreverence for conventional forms of production and staging with his self-coined form of electropical beats, straight off a gameboy. This is 8-Bit with soul.

Described as a world-class arty punk act that excels in creativity and ways to connect with the audience!!

Søren Andreasen’s gameboy performances consist of tuneful compositions and smashing beats – always with a great amount of improvisation, thus not restraining itself to classical ways of composing chiptune music. Allsounds come exclusively from classic gameboy consoles with a minimum of extra added stuff, in order to stay as true to the raw sound of the devices as possible.

Goto80’s Dataslav performance turns the composer into a slave to the visitors. They tell him what to do by filling in a form, and he makes their wish come true in about 10 minutes, using an Amiga home computer.

8bit klubben events combine a plethora of activities going way beyond late-night dance parties; daytime programming includes film screenings, workshops, talks and artistic collaborations. The intention is to not only present high quality concert experiences but also stimulate the local chip scene and it’s talents.

In 2015 mikrodisko copenhagen is planning a new series of 4 events, starting in 24 january Hcø Hus. Come join us!

8bit klubben is a coalition made up of Science Friction, Ruben & Bobby, ROI, and others to come. Ping at 8bitklubben.dk for info

The event is supported by NØRREBRO LOKALUDVALG
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Soren47Soren47Skrevet 15/01-15 13:12 
Jeg forstår ikke rigtigt hvor at det sker henne?
Kan være jeg bare er lidt forvirret :b
millenniummillenniumSkrevet 15/01-15 13:36 
Nej, jeg læste den også igennem 3 gange, ledte efter et "hvor og hvornår" men kunne ikke rigtigt finde det.

Turde ikke skrive det, fordi jeg følte mig lidt dum :-D
The medium is the message.
Soren47Soren47Skrevet 15/01-15 15:29 
Haha, jeg havde det på samme måde:b
Men det lyder spændende! Bor ved Nørrebro og har altid gerne villet høre noget live 8-bit musik :)
ElgenElgenSkrevet 15/01-15 20:04, rettet 15/01-15 20:06 
Det er i HCØ Hus (http://maps.google.com/maps?q=%20HC%C3%98%20...j%2069,%202000%20Frb). Jeg har været til et MikroDisko der i sommers... Det var ret fedt };-P
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varmtvandvarmtvandSkrevet 15/01-15 20:38 
Ja. Hcø hus. Tak Elg. Mere info på http://8bitklubben.dk/
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