Ace Combat Infinity

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New patch for BANDAI NAMCO Games latest flying Free-To-Play game, pilots will be spoiled with plenty of amazing features and content, among them we have:

· New Aircrafts (Standard and Special Aircrafts)
· Campaign Mission 8: Operation Bunker Shot
· The Naval Fleet Assault rule will be available in Team Deathmatch events! 3 maps will be available (Pipeline, Comona Air Base and Dubai Sea Battle) to battle and destroy the rivals’ naval fleet.
· A new Online Co-Op Mission will be available: Moscow Battle
· Beginners will have their own room for Online co-op Missions
· A series of new Aircraft Parts and Emblems will be added
· Other improvements are to be implemented for all ACE COMBAT INFINITY fans!

In addition to the above, Area 88 Collaboration will be conducted for fans of the famous manga series. This will be the chance for pilots to get special aircraft featuring the designs that appeared in the original manga series!

Ace Combat Infinity - PS3 - Update #4 News Dispatch (Trailer)
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PlaykidPlaykidSkrevet 04/10-14 19:16 
Er det blevet multiplatform?
Spiller nu: Halo 3
Per SPer SSkrevet 05/10-14 03:28 
Nej, jeg tror jeg fik blandet platformene fra Falling Skies sammen med den her nyhed, da de blev oprettet på samme tid. Så nu har jeg flyttet den til PlayStation hvor den hører hjemme. Tak for de skarpe øjne. :)
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Per SPer SSkrevet 21/10-14 23:33 


Starting today (until 4th of November), all aspiring Pilots will be able to get their hands on 3 special aircrafts! Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Tekken in the most unique way, those special aircrafts will depict characters from the long-running fighting series:

· Kazuya Mishima (Based on SU-35 Aircraft)
· Jin Kazama (Based on SU-35 Aircraft)
· Alisa & Xiaoyu (Based on SU-34 Aircraft)

These exclusive Aircrafts are not only unique by their design; they all benefit from increased stats, from level 1 to the maximum level!

Tekken Fans will be delighted to obtain one of the 15 special Emblems created solely for their pleasure! Ranging from Heihachi to the Mishima Zaibatsu, several emblematic characters and spots from the Tekken series will be portrayed!
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