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BRIGHTON, UK – 12th March 2014:

NCSOFT® and Carbine Studios today announced that their upcoming action-adventure sci-fi MMO WildStar will officially launch worldwide on Tuesday 3rd June, 2014. Additionally, the publisher and studio have announced that pre-orders for the game will begin Wednesday 19th March at a suggested retail price of £34.99, with orders being accepted on WildStar’s website at www.wildstar-online.com/en/preorder and through select third party retailers such as Game and Amazon.

Players who pre-order have early access to several closed and open beta events and will receive a variety of exclusive in-game items and perks, including:

Early game access beginning Saturday 31st May (three days prior to the game’s official launch).
An exclusive Rocket House.
A mini-ship housing decoration, which grants players additional rest experience points.
A 10-slot storage bag to increase character inventory.
The opportunity to reserve character and guild names prior to launch.

WildStar will be available in two versions. The Standard Edition includes the game, 30 days of play time and an Eldan-themed Housing Décor item. For an additional £15, the Deluxe Edition of WildStar includes all elements of the Standard Edition as well as an even larger package of exclusive content: an Eldan Hoverboard, a unique costume, a unique Eldan player title, and a limited-edition Eldan dye set. The Deluxe Edition is available digitally or at retail as a limited edition collectable Steelbook™.

“We’re stoked to launch WildStar”, said Jeremy Gaffney, Executive Producer at Carbine Studios. “We’re looking forward to seeing the first players begin their journey on the unexplored planet of Nexus. Both noobs and MMO vets will have a blast with our fast-paced combat, while experienced guilds and groups will build complete battle-fortresses using our Warplot system and tackle some truly epic raids. We’ve aimed for fun and unique content for MMO gamers of all stripes from level one to level cap and beyond. WildStar is a brand new IP and new universe that has attracted more than 1.4 million beta signups already, so it seems like other gamers are also eager for something new and different in the MMO space”.

Unlike anything currently available, WildStar engages players with a beautiful and distinctive animation style, robust housing customisation, and high-action combat that truly tests players’ skill with its fast-paced, reactive telegraph system. On top of that, the game’s personality is distinct in its own right; humorous but laced with a mysterious undercurrent that implies there is more happening in the world than meets the eye. WildStar gives players the freedom to experience the game how they want to play, while providing an unprecedented level of exploration and discovery among the planet Nexus.


WildStar pre-order trailer
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With WildStar’s launch around the corner, we wanted to invite you and your readers to celebrate the launch of our Open Beta starting on Thursday, 8th May through 18th May. Not only will the Open Beta period run for 10 days, but the level cap will increase to 30. This is exciting to us, as we know that leveling to experience the higher levels in the previous weekend beta events was nearly impossible. With the extended beta period, 10 days, we know that many of our fans and players wanting to check out the game can now take their time and enjoy the content, as opposed to just slamming through it in a weekend.

Fans of the game can visit www.wildstar-online.com to learn more about the Open Beta event.

Open Beta LiveStreams
To kick off the Open Beta, we’re hosting a 30 minute LiveStream on our Twitch Channel this Thursday, 8th May, 2014 at 20:00 CEST featuring the guys behind the game – Mike Donatelli, product director, Chad Moore, creative director, Stephen Frost, producer and voice of DevSpeak, and Matt Mocarski, development director. Not only will they give a state of the game update and share their thoughts on exactly why WildStar is going to kick ass and disrupt the MMO category at launch and beyond, but we’re going to answer some of the outstanding questions that have been regularly popping up in our forums. You will not want to miss this.

In addition to the LiveStream on Thursday, the team will be back on Friday with a six-hour developer LiveStream featuring a slew of content starting at 20:00 CEST, including Jeremy Gaffney talking to the challenges they’ve had to overcome to get this game ready for launch on 3rd June, play-by-play of some exciting Raids and Warplots activity, sneak peek into higher level Open Beta content and if we’re lucky, some post launch content gameplay. But, to top it off, we will be turning this into a massive social AMA, opening up every social platform to take questions – e.g. Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Forums, Twitch and Vine to name a few.

Here is the URL to our Twitch channel - http://www.twitch.tv/wildstar.
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Ny trailer til WildStar.

WildStar features trailer
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