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Nordic Game 2014, 21-23 May in Slagthuset, Malmö, Sweden will be a celebration of the Nordic games industry and all the wonderful people working in it. It will also be the ten-year anniversary of the Nordic Game conference. Yay!

Below is a summary of how the planning is coming along. We hope you like it and will register at www.nordicgame.com now – we really want you to be there and celebrate with us!

The conference’s expanding!
NG14 will open on 21 May, with the official opening at 13:00. This first conference day will end at 17:00, and after a short preparation break, the doors will open for the annual Nordic Game Indie Night. The following conference days, 22-23 May, are business as usual, meaning conference days from 10-17, followed by award shows, Gala Dinners, parties, and after parties :-)

The stars align for a good show
The list of speakers at Nordic Game 2014 is growing fast, and we are already immensely proud of the program. Some of the highlights:

Keynote by David Braben, CEO at Frontier Developments, and the developer behind legendary "Elite"
* Audio keynote about the sound and music of Schafer's "Broken Age" with Jory Prum, Sound Engineer, Camden Stoddard, Audio Lead at Double Fine Productions, and composer Peter McConnell
* Tom Clancy's "The Division" is the first game developed with Massive Entertainments' Snowdrop engine. With the session entitled "Snowdrop, A Smarter Engine for The Next Generation", Rodrigo Cortes will give us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the engines' capabilities, as well as revealing brand new footage and features
* Cindy Au, VP of Community at Kickstarter, has spent four years building Kickstarter's community of independent game developers and studios, and she will be giving a presentation entitled "Kickstarter and the Changing Landscape of Video Game Development"
* Ste Curran will be back, Steve Gaynor, co-founder of The Fullbright Company, and writer and designer of their first game, "Gone Home", will be here as well, and Dr. Reiner Knizia, one of the world’s most successful and prolific board game designers, is also confirmed as a speaker at NG14.
We hope you are as excited as we are. And even more speaker names and sessions will be announced the coming weeks. Hurrah!

Last chance to apply for Nordic Fast Track!
Tonight, Monday 3 March at 23:59, is the deadline for sending in speaker proposals for Nordic Fast Track @ NG14. Do you have something valuable to share with the Nordic games community? Here’s how you apply: http://nordicgame.com/?id=141

Indie Night
We are pleased to announce the 5th annual Nordic Game Indie Night 2014 showcase and summit in collaboration with Copenhagen Game Collective. Are you an indie developer based in the Nordic region? Are you working on a game that’s innovative, special, fun, or noteworthy in some way? Submit it! We want to see it! Read more here: http://www.copenhagengamecollective.org/2014...open-call-for-games/

Ola is the new Emma
As you may know already, Emma Mellander has left our conference building to pursue a new carrier as a games producer. We were sad for a while, but then a new light appeared in the shape of Ola Wellskog. Thus Ola is the new Emma, and he’s more than ready to say hello to you and help you in almost anyway possible. Provided you register for the conference of course :-) Ping him at ola@nordicgame.com.

Pitch & Match is back
The Nordic Game b2b system returns. The perfect combination of a targeted audience, an online meeting system and a personal matchmaker makes the difference. Sign up now if you mean serious business.

Don’t be a late bird. Fly to www.nordicgame.com today and get a sound discount on a full conference pass!

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The 10 Year Anniversary of Nordic Game will also be the 5th Anniversary of the Nordic Live Pitch.

To celebrate, the Nordic Live Pitch will be the climax of the “Investing in Games” theme at NG14, tying together an Investment Summit on 21 May, a dedicated track in the conference program, and the Nordic Live Pitch on 22 May.

Here is what last year’s winner Jorgen Tharaldsen of Megapop from Norway has to say about the Nordic Live Pitch:

Winning the Nordic Game Live Pitch has really meant a lot to us! That we can call ourselves the "Commercially most promising Nordic Game studio" for a year, in this global hot spot for games, undoubtedly has a value. Just prepping for the event, meant we had to focus on who we are and where we are going, as judged by a panel of pro gaming investors. We have just launched our first awesome game, we have raised a bit of money, and we have gotten our fair share of international press, and Nordic Game was part of kickstarting it. I would thus wholeheartedly recommend any up-and-coming studio to apply. It's a bit scary going up on the center stage at the leading Nordic gaming conference, but then again, if we want to succeed we need to push ourselves.

How to participate in the Nordic Live Pitch:

As before, all entrants need to submit a single page A4 on their project, to include:

* What is the project, why is it innovative, and what problem does it solve, e.g. is it a new genre, a feature, technology or a new market opportunity?
* Why is this project in your hands, and why are you a winning team?
* What you require from investors – cash and advice if any?
* How will investors receive a return on their (risky or not so risky) investment?
* Send your single page A4 to livepitch@nordicgame.com no later than 18 April 2014.

The Benefits of applying:

* Anyone submitting a pitch and not reaching the final will get feedback from Games Capital, if asked for.
* Anyone submitting a pitch will get a free entry to the “Investing in Games” Summit on Wednesday 21 May at 14:00 which will feature the best Nordic entrepreneurs and investors from around Europe.
* Any company making it to the final will get a free pass to the Nordic Game Pitch and Match B2B meeting system.
* All finalists will receive coaching from Games Capital, if asked for.
* The event at the Nordic Game 2014 Conference will take place on Thursday 22 May at 16:00.
* The event this year is for entries from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden only.

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Pressetekst fra Nordic Game


Advanced Unity Workshop announced for NG14

The organizers of the Nordic Game 2014 Conference, 21-23 May in Malmö, Sweden, are pleased to announce the Advanced Unity Workshop. The workshop is a major part of Unity’s presence as Anniversary Partner of NG14.

Taking place on 21 May from 13:00-17:00, the Advanced Unity Workshop is designed to up-skill attendees in the use of sophisticated character animations, NavMesh/AI and advanced scripting amongst many other things. A Unity expert will demonstrate these features and take you through optimal workflows in an easy-to-follow session. The workshop targets Unity users with at least 6-12 months experience.

There’s a maximum limit of 50 participants for the Advanced Unity Workshop. Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis. To secure your seat, please send an email to Jacob@nordicgame.com. To participate, you must be registered for NG14 with a full conference pass.

Background - Advanced Unity Workshop

Speaker Bio:


Russ Morris is a former Unity Product Evangelist turned freelance developer. Hit games Russ has worked on include If You Can's recently released 'If...', Rugby Skills Challenge 2014 and Colourfall. Russ brings a wealth of game development nous, hands-on Unity experience and enthusiasm to the workshop.

Organiser Bio:


Christopher Pope is a Unity Product Expert who’s been employed at Unity for 4.5 years. His current role at Unity is to engage in Pre-Sale Technical discussions with customers, set up and organise training events around Europe and attend trade shows.

Unity @ NG14:

Unity is an Anniversary Partner of the Nordic Game 2014 Conference. The Advanced Unity Workshop is a major part of this, following the earlier announcement of a Unity workshop for prototyping visual storytelling. Expect more Unity @ NG14 related announcements soon! www.nordicgame.com.

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Nordic Game News, 26 March 2014

NG14: Early Bird discount offer expires tonight!

Now is the time to register for Nordic Game 2014, 21-23 May in Malmö, Sweden. That is, if you want to take advantage of the very nice Early Bird discount offer, because today is the last day before the bird will fly away. Catch it if you’re quick at www.nordicgame.com!

Here’s why you should attend NG14:

It’s our birthday
The Nordic Game 2014 Conference is celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary – and you’re invited!

Speaker program from outer space
David Braben (Elite), Ryan Payton (République), Leah Hoyer (Microsoft), David Polfeldt (The Division), Cindy Au (Kickstarter), the audio team from Double Fine’s “Broken Age”, Ste Curran (Master of the Universe), Steve Gaynor (Gone Home), Michael Jungbluth (Elder Scrolls Online), and many more yet to be announced. Check out more speakers here.

Investing in Games theme
Conference focus on how to attract funding, including special summit, Q&A panel, sessions, and of course the Live Pitch @ Nordic Game extravaganza.

Unity workshops & dedicated track
Unity is an Anniversary Partner of the Nordic Game 2014 Conference. As part of this, two special workshops have been announced, "Prototyping Visual Storytelling, and “The Advanced Unity Workshop”. Very soon we’ll announce a special Unity conference track too!

Nordic Fast Track 2014
The track designed as a fast and direct connection between the Nordic developers and the Nordic Game conference audience, featuring short, useful and to-the-point sessions.

 This year including speakers from successful Nordic companies such as Tarsier, Simplygon, Playdead, Defrost Games, Grand Cru, Hansoft, and Image & Form, touching upon a wide range of important areas. Check out the complete list here.

Socializing makes the world go around
Tons of opportunities to network, hang out, and have fun with the entire Nordic game dev scene, including Nordic Game Awards, The Gala Dinner, The Party, Nordic Game Indie Night, and more!

Register today to save money! The early bird won’t be here tomorrow.


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Nordic Game 2014: Program schedule released

David Braben, Ryan Payton, or Mike Bithell? Live-Pitch, creators of the “Broken Age” soundtrack, or Snowdrop engine tech? Publisher panels, Nordic Fast Track, or maybe a day full of Unity? Today, the (almost) complete program schedule for the Nordic Game 2014 Conference has been released.

"We’re celebrating the conference’s 10 Year Anniversary, and the program is meant to reflect that", says Program Director Jacob Riis of Nordic Game Resources. “We have expanded the main program, with the official conference opening now at 13:00 on 21 May – and that has made it possible to create some new and exciting stuff, among them two Unity-focused workshops, and a special “Investing in Games” summit.

David Polfeldt, CEO of Malmö based studio Massive Entertainment, will do the opening keynote, where after more than 50 sessions awaits you at Nordic Game 2014. 
The program includes sessions by Leah Hoyer, Narrative Design Director, Microsoft Studios, Matt Mocarski, Art Director, Carbine Studios/NCSOFT, Harmonix's Matt Bock, publisher panels with exec's from Rovio Entertainment, GameVil, Kabam, Perfect World, and NetEase, and not least the returning Live-Pitch session, where daring developers take their new projects on stage in front of a group of investors.

A returning part of the Nordic Game experience is the Nordic Fast Track - short, to-the-point sessions with a broad range of Nordic game companies, including Image & Form, Simplygon, Grand Cru, Tarsier, Playdead, and Hansoft.

Check out the full program schedule in the link - and if you haven’t signed up for the conference yet, go straight to registration.

Nordic Game 2014 Anniversary Partners and sponsors: Malmö Stad, Unity, King, Epic, The Game Assembly, Autodesk, Eficode, Paypal, Paradox, Gamefounders.

Partners: Region Skåne, EU, Media Evolution, EGDF, IGDA, Copenhagen Game Collective, EGCA, PR Nordic, Festival of Games, Casual Connect, Quo Vadis, Renaissance Malmö Hotel.

Media Partners: GamesIndustry.biz, EDGE Magazine, Develop, Gamer.no, PixelTV, Daily Rush, Spiludvikling.dk, The Square, Gameplay Magazine.


Nordic Game 2014 program
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3.0 MDKK awarded in last(?) round of Nordic game development support

At the Nordic Game conference in Malmö, Sweden, the recipients of the 2014 Nordic game development grants were announced.

Tarsier Studios AB, Sweden, were granted 500 000 DKK for their project “Hunger”,

Folkenberg Aps, Denmark, 450 000 DKK for “Havfruen”,
Copenhagen Creators Associated ApS, Denmark, 400 000 DKK for “ICE”,
Bedtime Gaming Aps, Denmark, 300 000 DKK for “Dream Factory”,
Glitchnap 2 IVS, Denmark, 300 000 DKK for “Suprematism”,
Teotl Studios Ek.för., Sweden, 300 000 DKK for “Solus”,
Visiontrick Media AB, Sweden, 300 000 DKK for “Calantina”,
Lohika ApS, Denmark, 250 000 DKK for “Machineers”, and
Licorice ehf, Iceland, 200 000 DKK for “Kingdom”.

Since the development support was established in 2006 as part of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Nordic Game Program, the scheme has received 1,277 applications from Nordic game developers. The program has granted 107 projects funds for game development, selecting just 8% of the applications. Most of the applications are from startup or young companies that are in the early stages of game development and have limited access to funding, which makes this support very important for these companies’ future.

“I personally believe that the Nordic development support has contributed to the strongly growing gaming industries in the Nordic countries, and our region is now clearly recognized as one of the global hot-spots of the games world” says Ólafur Andri Ragnarsson, chairman of the Group of Experts doing the project selection. “We’ve seen the quality of games design rising continuously during the program.”

The number of applications has been growing steadily through the years. This year is a record year, with 185 applications from 175 companies, which is a 16% increase over the previous record year, in 2012. It also means that almost one third of all Nordic game development companies applied this year, which is the last planned year of the support program.

“There is an enormous need for this type of seed investment, and it also seems to pay off well, so it just must continue in one form or another”, says Erik Robertson of Nordic Game Resources AB, who designed and then administered the game development support for its eight years.

"The Group of Experts strongly encourage the Council of Ministers to ensure that the development support continues because of the positive impact it has on the culture-based economy in our region", concludes Ólafur Andri Ragnarsson
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