Kunne ud tænke dig at lave din helt egen konsol?

Der er langt fra drøm og ide til handling, men dette kunne måske være en smutvej til din fremtidige karriere i spilbranchen.

Taget fra den officielle hjemmeside:

"What is the XGameStation Kit?
The XGameStation is the world's first video game system development kit. The kit comes with an assembled XGameStation console, a blank, ready-to-use game cartridge, a CD containing all system software and tools necessary to develop for the system, and of course, an extensive eBook that explains how the system was designed and how it works from the ground up. Everything from basic digital logic to computer engineering to circuit board design to operating system kernels and APIs are covered, in precise detail. Never before has such a mammoth collection of knowledge, insight and practical techniques for both hardware and software been concentrated in a single place, with such an accessible entry level. This kit is aimed at everyone from seasoned engineers to absolute electronics newbies.

However, to truly understand what the XGameStation is, one must first understand where the XGameStation came from. Like all revolutionary ideas, the XGameStation is equal parts fantasy and reality. On the one hand, it addresses a real problem that has existed for years-- that no hobbyist game programmer or hardware hacker has a unified, inexpensive platform they can actually build, take apart, and own exclusively. On the other hand, it will power a next-generation synergy of hardware, software, imagination and creativity of unparalleled proportions."