Sega Foldable Bicycle

Did you every dream of your own Bicycle with Sega logo? Neither did we ;-)

On Sega's sales page for the newly announced Sega Folding Bicycle they explain that Japanese die-hard Sega fanatics have requested them to make bikes. Well, why not? If Square Enix, Capcom and maybe even Nintendo jump on the bandwagon, we can assure you Lik Sang will have them all on pre-order for international delivery.

The "Sega Goods" product is changing hands for about less than US$ 250 in Japan (25,000 Yen plus 5% sales tax and shipping). Please note that Sega is producing only enough for online orders in advance. Reservation period is August 14th - September 3rd, while the bike will be delivered around October 30.

If anybody is seriously interested, drop us a note, we might be able to secure you a bike. But be prepared to use up your complete paycheck for the shipping cost involved!

Technical Details:

- 16 inch folding bicycle
- Color "The Sega Blue"
- Material: Steel
- Height 145 - 175cm
- Dimensions assembled (approximately): 1350 x 950 x 535 mm
- Dimensions folded (approximately): 720 x 500 x 380 mm
- Saddle height: 670 - 890 mm
- Steering wheel height: 800 - 920 mm
- Included: Instruction manual (Japanese), tools


It is the original bicycle which treats white Sega logograph in the body of the Sega blue.
Even when running the town, the reed, stacking in the car, running suburb, the reed.
Being to be folding, also the fact that it stacks in the car is the ????.
Folding, inserting in the entryway, because it does not become the disturbance, either the worry where is stolen in the bicycle thief does not become.
The original Sega color being conspicuous you are not wrong is!

* Reservation period: August 14th of 2003 (wood) - September 3rd (water)
* Report day: October 30th of 2003 (wood)

* This commodity becomes the incoming order production commodity. As for cancellation after the reservation period ending please be modest.

16 inch folding bicycle

The Sega blue

Steel make

Proper height
145 - 175cm

Substance size
When assembling (approximately) the 1350x950x535mm
At the time of folding (approximately) the 720x500x380mm

Height of saddle
670 - 890 mm

Height of steering wheel
800 - 920 mm

Instruction manual, tool

- In order to assemble and the time, the hand and the like not to put, note.
- Before the travelling after verifying the pneumatics of the tire, use.
- As for the light/write for nighttime travelling we have not been attached to this product.

Sale day
October 30th of 2003 (wood)

25,000 Yen (classified by tax)

Selling price
25,000 Yen (classified by tax)