"Just add people for instant fun"

Taget fra websiden www.drxlax.com (der ikke længere er aktiv):

"dRxLaX is a multiplayer videogame for the Sega Dreamcast for up to four players.
It is a project still in development by infoprofil.php?id=21 using the Kallisti OS open source development tools.
Some people describe dRxLaX as a multiplayer version of asteroids, but the main inspiration for the game was actually Death Tank Zwei for the Sega Saturn, although that probably only shows in the graphical style and the multiplayer only approach.
Besides the controls in dRxlaX are not anything like those in Asteroids or any other game that I know of. Probably because they're designed specifcally for the standard Dreamcast controller with emphasis on intuitive human/machine interaction.

I am planning to sell a quality collectors edition of the finished game game, but there will also always be a similar free version for download at www.drxlax.com. You can read more about my plans for the collectors edition in the roadmap section
of the site.

Game mechanics:
Your ship has an energy and a shield-bar (in the colour of the ship). When the shield is depleted your player is taken out of action for the remainder of the round. Last ship flying wins the round.
Energy is used to fire shots and deploy mines. Your ship constantly gains more energy relative to how large your shield is. The drawbacks to increasing the size of your shield is that you become much slower, easier to hit and more vulnerable to mine explosions.
It's all about finding the right balance between staying mobile and having enough energy for the offensive manoeuvres. When you cause damage to another ship, your ship earns 1/3 of what they lost. So being offensive really pays of."

Download dRxLaX her: http://homebrew.dcemulation.com/drxlax.shtml
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