Lode Runner


240p60Hz1.0 Mono

Developer Irem
Publisher Irem
Class Irem M62
Also for
Amstrad, Apple II, Atari ST...
Amstrad, Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64, FM 7, MSX, NES, Nintendo DS, PC-6001, PC-88, Pc, SG-1000, Spectrum, Vic 20, WonderSwan, X1
Genre Platform game
Series Lode Runner
Players 1
Links GameFAQs, KLOV
Lode Runner

OPTIONS             SW    1    2    3    4    5    6    7   8
                180 sec  off  off
PLAYTIME        170 sec  on   off
                160 sec  off  on
                155 sec  on   on

NUMBER              2               on   off
OF                  3               off  off
COMMANDOS           4               off  on
                    5               on   on

MODE 2   COIN    1 COIN, 1 PLAY               off  off
DIP SW   SEL     2 COINS,1 PLAY               on   off
2's 3    A       3 COINS,1 PLAY               off  on
ON               FREE PLAY                    on   on
         COIN    1 COIN, 2 PLAYS                       off  off
         SEL     1 COIN, 3 PLAYS                       on   off
         B       1 COIN, 5 PLAYS                       off  on
                 1 COIN, 6 PLAYS                       on   on

MODE 1           1 COIN, 1 PLAY               off  off off  off
DIP SW           2 COIN, 1 PLAY               on   off off  off
2's 3            3 COIN, 1 PLAY               off  on  off  off
OFF              4 COIN, 1 PLAY               on   on  off  off
                 5 COINS,1 PLAY               off  off on   off
                 6 COINS,1 PLAY               on   off on   off

                 1 COIN, 2 plays              off  off off  on
                 1 COIN, 3 plays              on   off off  on
                 1 COIN, 4 plays              off  on  off  on
                 1 COIN, 5 plays              on   on  off  on
                 1 COIN, 6 plays              off  off on   on

                 FREE PLAY                    on   on  on   on

1) set for coin mode 1 in case a single coin selector or two selectors
   for the coin of the same valkue are used.
2) set for Coin mode 2 in case two coin selectors of coins of different
   values are used.


OPTIONS          SW        1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8

FLIP PICTURE     NO        OFF        OFF
                 YES       ON         OFF
                 UR            ON     OFF
COIN MODE        1                OFF OFF
                 2                ON  OFF
FREEZE PIC.*     NO                   OFF  OFF
                 YES                  OFF  ON
MOVE PIC.        NO                   OFF      OFF
BACK AND FORTH** YES                  OFF      ON
NO DEATH MODE    NO                   OFF          OFF
                 YES                  OFF          ON
TEST MODE        NO                   OFF              OFF
                 YES                  OFF              ON

*Press 2-player start button to freeze picture. Press 1-player start
button to let it move  again.

**To screen forward, press right hole-digging button off and on
to move scrren backward, press left hole-digging button,
while depressing 1-player start button.
To terminate this checkup, press 2-player start button.