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PlayStation 2

After having entered the console market with overwhelming success, Sony obviously had to try to maintain the position of leadership with the newer version of its product. While Segas Dreamcast was on its way, both Nintendo and Microsoft announced their candidates for the throne. But Sony soon up-marketed their coming console, that was to deliver graphics comparable to CG-movies. When the PlayStation 2 finally launched, it wasn't even close to the revolution Sony would have us all believe, but it still sold through the roof, and has since then remained the most successful consoles by a very large margin. Compared to the competition, the PlayStation 2 is an even larger success that is predecessor, which is in part due to a number of exceptional titles and very good marketing.

The PlayStation 2 is built around the so called Emotion Engine - a 300 MHz 128 bit CPU. The system has 32 MB RAM and a 150 MHz video chip, according to Sony capable of delivering 75 million polygons per second. Among other technical details are the backwards compatibility with the original PlayStation, support for digital surround sound and DVD-playback. Optional add-ons like a hard drive and networking enjoyed a minor success. Technically the PlayStation 2 is weaker than the competition - the Xbox and the GameCube - but it often hides this fact well with its unique graphical qualities.

The library of games for the PlayStation 2 enjoys an even broader third party support than the original PlayStation. Among the most important titles are the series Gran Turismo, Final Fantasty, Metal Gear Solid, Jak, Silent Hill, Pro Evolution Soccer, EyeToy and Ratchet & Clank. Most influential off all however, must be the Grand Theft Auto games, starting out exclusively on the platform. Among other titles which should be mentioned are Ico, Shadow Of The Colossus, Gitaroo Man and Kingdom Hearts.
Abbrevation PS2
Company Sony
Debut 2000
Covers 5'040
Games 2'810 physical
Accessories 69
PlayStation 2
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PlayStation 2
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