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The console that was to be the last from Sega. On the top of the problems in the final years of the MegaDrive/Genesis as well as the whole Saturn period, the Dreamcast was a whole new start for Sega. A console that was technically unmatched by anything, and which even had an excellent library of games. Unfortunately for Sega, it turned out that the majority of gamers decided to wait for the PlayStation2. With just over 10 million in sales, the Dreamcast never lived up to its potential, but for many it stands as one of the greatest consoles in history - and there is no doubt that it delivered a lot of fresh ideas. For example the Dreamcast was the first console to really go for online gaming.

Technically the Dreamcast - not unlike the Saturn - is built around two Hitachi SH-4 processors, and a NEC Power VR graphics chip. For its time, the console was far superior to anything involving 3d game worlds, and was the only console capable of delivering high resolution images - and this even in progressive scan. The Dreamcast was also the first console to use a specially designed disc format in the shape of the GD Rom, capable of containing about twice as much as a normal CD. Hardware wise the console is almost identical to Sega's Naomi arcade system.

Apart from Capcom, third party support was very flaky, and as a result, Sega was the main contributor of the best titles for the system. Sonic had his debut in 3d in Sonic Adventure, but Segas focus was on the Shenmue series. The console also had an array of 'off titles', including Samba De Amigo, Typing Of The Dead, Rez and Chu Chu Rocket as well as an array of solid arcade conversions such as Virtua Tennis, Ikaruga, Power Stone and Soul Calibur.
Abbrevation DC
Company Sega
Debut 1998
Covers 904
Games 540 physical
Accessories 67
Most popular games
# Title Developer Publisher Release Sortering
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Dreamcast Smash Pack Volume 1
Sega Sega 2001
Dreamcast [Code Veronica]
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