Mega Man Legacy Collection Comes til 3DS d. 23. februar

Per SPer SSkrevet 13/11-15 19:51 

Earlier this year, everyone's favourite Blue Bomber returned in Mega Man Legacy Collection, and on February 23rd 2016 it will be arriving on Nintendo 3DS. The game will be available to purchase digitally across Europe for EUR14.99/GBP13.49.

Mega Man Legacy Collection is a comprehensive compilation of the original six 8-bit Mega Man games, bringing back iconic villain Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters like Magnet Man and Bomb Man, for our hero to defeat.

The Museum Mode featured in the game, which allows players to access and enjoy hundreds of vintage concept sketches and stunningly high resolution pieces of production art, including unused Robot Master designs, a database full of enemy information and a retro music player featuring over 100 songs from the Mega Man games.

The Nintendo 3DS release also contains more than 100 new art and history pieces packed into the game's already massive in-game collection that were not available in the previous release. Eleven Nintendo 3DS exclusive remix challenges can also unlocked using the original Mega Man amiibo.

There is also the new Challenge Mode which remixes gameplay segments from the original games, creating new adventures for even the most seasoned players to conquer, whilst also acting as a good starting point for newcomers to experience Mega Man for the first time.

The Legacy Collection retains its retro 8-bit style with a newly added HD flourish, giving all of the original sprites the crispest look fans have ever seen.

Mega Man Legacy Collection - Trailer
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