Hounds: The Last Hope

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Netmarble, Korea’s largest PC and Mobile developer and digital entertainment company and Netmarble EMEA announces its first global PC game, Hounds: The Last Hope.

Coming to Europe with a closed beta that begins on Thursday 2nd April.

Hounds: The Last Hope offers PVE & PVP modes, blending an in-depth story mode with an multiplayer experience.

Hounds: The Last Hope is a Free to Play Squad Based MMO Role-Playing Shooter game which contains unique features in a multi-language client (English, German, Turkish) as well as player support and content in 5 different languages.

Launching alongside the closed beta are element which customise and evolve your experience over time, including an action house, weapon modifiers, and an economy system designed to build and support a community, delivering new content regularly.

To register for the closed beta, visit http://www.houndsonline.com/en/ and sign up now.

Dogtag video episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FTVQSnVl9Q
Dogtag video episode 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eqOj5l8xlo
Gameplay Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jom-LQLBpbU

Hounds: The Last Hope - trailer
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Det ligner til forveksling Hazard Ops.
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Jeg så lige din YouTube video om Hazard Ops, og jeg kan også godt se hvorfor du synes at de ligner hinanden. :)

Hazard Ops (PC) Review - DO YA LIEK TEH VIDYA GAEMS?!
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Fra pressetekst:

The third instalment in Hounds: The Last Hope Dog Tag film series:

Following on from the previous two Dog Tagbrothers is what he became his family; his friends. Reality hits when Private Cormack has to troll the combat zone collecting his fallen companions’ dog tags.

Dog Tag Film – Episode 3
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Fra pressetekst:

Players experiencing Hounds: The Last Hope in Closed Beta can expect a wealth of content to get their hands on; playing from either one of four classes from Assault, Tech, Specialist and Support. Each class has their own set of weapons and can individually utilise one of eight different armaments.

Integrated in Hounds: The Last Hope are new generation graphics, a fluent story and missions alongside rich in-game content. Available in Closed Beta will be both PvE and PvP maps, which are designed with huge attention to detail, leaving players to either battle along the post-apocalyptic world alone in PvE mode or enter combat accompanied by six different teammates in PvP mode.

Closed Beta will also include 100% English, German and Turkish text and dubbing in-game.

Players who enter the Closed Beta for five days will also receive gifts for each day that they login. The gifts are as follows:

Day 1 Login
3500 Gold
Room Leader Coupon (10)
Combat Backpack Bullet A
Closed Beta Weapon Luck Box

Day 2 Login
3500 Gold
Room Leader Coupon (10)
Combat Backpack Grenade A
Closed Beta Weapon Luck Box

Day 3 Login
3500 Gold
Room Leader Coupon (10)
Combat Backpack Money D
Closed Beta Weapon Luck Box

Day 4 Login
3500 Gold
Room Leader Coupon (10)
Pouch EXP
Combat Backpack Money BN313
Closed Beta Weapon Luck Box
Closed Beta Weapon Luck Box

Day 5 Login
5000 Gold
Room Leader Coupon (20)
Pouch EXP
Combat Backpack Money BN313
Closed Beta Weapon Luck Box
Closed Beta Weapon Luck Box

To download the client, visit the official site at http://www.houndsonline.com/en/ and install the game to be ready to encounter intensive combat.

For latest news, features, updates and more, check out the Hounds: The Last Hope official Facebook page at Facebook.com/HoundsTLH.

Hounds: The Last Hope - Preroll [EN]
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Nye tilføjelser:

Sub Mission Update
Street Map will be added to the game with a new patch. Users can play this map to reach 2,000 Kills in Challenge Mode. In order to earn more gold than other maps, you better try this. (Challenge Mode).

Warning: Players cannot earn new items after completing this map.

Three New PvP Maps
This patch brings three new PvP maps for Warzone, Sabotage, and Close Combat Modes. Names of these maps are; Underground Waterway, Train Station, and Closed Factory.

New Challenge Level Missions
All Challenge Missions and Intermissions in Hounds have new bonus Challenge Level Quests and rewards. Completing these bonus missions will award new rewards at every turn. Don’t forget to visit Town to take your brand new quests.

Random Box Drop Rate Changes
The rate of Legendary Find Rate for Random Boxes has been significantly increased. The overall rates of legendary items are increased three times for all available Weapon and Armour Random Boxes.
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Konkurrence egnet til YouTubere:

Top YouTube gaming personality Ali-A to set the bar with gameplay video

Netmarble EMEA is excited to announce a YouTube video contest for Hounds: The Last Hope players! It’s time to display your gaming and directorial talents to the whole world. Players must create their best kills and fails video in order to enter the contest with a Grand Prize waiting for the best video!

Players competing can gain some inspiration from popular YouTube gaming personality, Ali-A. As on Friday 15th May he will be releasing a Hounds: The Last Hope video on his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Matroix.

Players have two weeks to enter the Kills and Fails Video Contest, in which many videos have already been shared on social media.

Video Submission Date: From May 15th to May 31st, 2015

Vote for Top 5 Videos: From June 8th – June 11th, 2015

Announcement of Winners: June 12th, 2015

What are the prizes?
Winners will receive two different prizes; cash and in-game bundles. The Grand Prize winner will receive 3.000€.

Also there are incredible rewards for 2nd and 3rd placed players. The first runner-up reward will be Grand Wickbroke Armor Set and any type of Legendary Weapon of their choice. The second runner-up reward is a Unique Armor Set based on the player’s class and any type of Unique (Tier 2) Weapon that they desire.

All participants will also receive a reward, the Blue Flame SMG 6 Random Box Pack.

How to enter the contest?
It’s very simple. Create a video in Hounds: The Last Hope, and demonstrate your gaming talents throughout video. The concept is “Kills and Fails”.
Players who enter for “Kills” must play wisely and carefully. Using imagination and showing off the best kill scenes, and fantastic gameplay. Alternatively players can send in-game “Fails”, catching the funniest moments in Hounds. As if that’s not enough, players can create their own funniest moments – it may be difficult, but every game has this kind of moment. Find it and make a video.

Here are the criteria:
1. Upload your video to YouTube
2. Use provided title, description and tags for your video
3. Add Hounds Facebook, Hounds Twitter and registration link in your description
4. Your video must be max 5 minutes length
5. Set your video as Public
6. Do not use sexual, racist, religion, politics
7. If you want to add contents not relevant with Hounds, be sure that they are not violating copyright rules

Note: Grand prize winner will be chosen based on 500 relevant YouTube video views.

Note: You must use the intro and outro to your video that can be found here:

YouTube Contents (You have to use these contents.)
Use following title for your video:

Hounds: The Last Hope Kills and Fails Video Contest – (Nickname)

Use following description for your video:
Hounds: The Last Hope Kills and Fails Video Contest
This video about (Kills or Fails – type your video content) in Hounds: The Last Hope.
Hounds Registration Link: http://buff.ac/HoundsOfficialSite
Hounds Facebook Link: http://buff.ac/HoundsFacebook
Hounds Twitter Link: http://buff.ac/HoundsTwitter

Use following tags for your video:
Hounds, Hounds The Last Hope, The Last Hope, Gaming Contest, Hounds Contest, Gaming, Video Gaming, Games, Video Games, TPS, MMOTPS, MMO, BUFF, Reborn, Netmarble EMEA

Where to send your YouTube link?
If you complete follow rules successfully, you are finally ready to enter the contest. Send your video to Netmarble EMEA via the registration form:

The key aspects are creativity and entertainment. How far can you go to reach the Grand Prize 3000€?

Note: Players under the age of 18 are unpermitted to enter the contest.
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