Resident Evil: Revelations 2

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He's back! Fan favourite and classic S.T.A.R.S. member Barry Burton will be returning in Resident Evil Revelations 2.

The man himself can be seen in the brand new reveal trailer. Headed for the remote prison island in search of his missing daughter, Moira Burton, Barry meets brand new character Natalia Korda, a little girl who has a strange power that allows her to sense enemies and hidden items. Using this skill alongside Barry's proven combat abilities, players will need to alternate between the two to survive the mysterious island and find Moira.

Each episode in Resident Evil Revelations 2 includes Raid mode content and two full playable scenarios focused on the previously announced Claire and Moira campaign and the newly confirmed Barry and Natalia storyline. Barry and Natalia will need to uncover clues as they fight to survive and their journey will lead them to terrifying encounters with two brand new enemies: The Rotten and The Revenant. The Rotten have bones that are visible through their bodies and stop at nothing to hunt down the living, and the horrific Revenant are formed from parts of human beings sewn together.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 will release as weekly digital episodes at RRP GBP 4.99 / EUR 5.99 / $5.99 each on the following dates next year for EMEA, Xbox LIve, Steam:

Episode 1: den 18. februar

Episode 2: den 25. februar

Episode 3: den 4. marts

Episode 4: den 11. marts

We're also pleased to confirm that the following content is included in the Complete Season, available to purchase for RRP GBP 19.99/ EUR 24.99/ $24.99:

A full retail box set will be available 13th March across Europe and will feature all of the below content. Please check retailers for individual pricing:

All Complete Season content:

- All four main episodes

- Two additional spin-off episodes that focus on telling the side stories of each of the two new Resident Evil characters: Moira Burton and Natalia Korda*

- Additional RAID mode character: Hunk*


- Additional RAID mode character: Albert Wesker *

- Four alternative costumes (one for each of the main characters: Claire, Moira, Barry and Natalia*)

- RAID mode Throwback Stage Pack featuring four stages from recent Resident Evil titles*

*All additional content will also be available to purchase as separate downloadable content on each platform's respective online marketplace.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Second Trailer
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SonicSonicSkrevet 02/12-14 13:21 
Jeg hader, at "Season" skal med ind over alle vegne!
Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics
KonsolkongenKonsolkongenSkrevet 02/12-14 16:47 
Så dvs at man bliver snydt for de to ekstra bonus episoder ved at købe dem enkeltvis? Jeg synes det er fedt at man bliver straffet hvis man gør sådan :D
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spectrespectreSkrevet 03/12-14 07:21, rettet 03/12-14 07:21 
"What IS this?"

Jeg synes virkeligt det her episode skrammel er hamrende irriterende. Der er vel penge i skidtet, men det er irriterende for forbrugeren at man skal vente på næste episode eller vente og købe hele pisset når sæsonen engang er færdig...
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