Class of Heroes 2G one-off production run

Bede-xBede-xSkrevet 24/06-14 01:30, rettet 24/06-14 01:31 
Hvis der er folk der missede den fysiske udgave af Class of Heroes 2 til PSP, er der nu en mulighed for at få det på PS3 i stedet:

Presales are now open! We're happy to be able to offer fans a Limited Edition physical version of Class of Heroes 2G for $49.99 + $4 S/H. Canadian and International shipping will be a bit more.

The game features a full color disc label, full color 2-sided box insert, full color manual, and serial numbered hologram on the package.

The presale will stay open for a month. Once they close, we will make enough to fill only those prepaid orders and no more physical editions will be made. This is a one-off production run of physical units, after which the game will be available only digitally on PSN, making this an extremely collectible physical PS3 game title. Note that this is a presale, not a preorder. We will charge your credit card in 1-3 days and you will receive an e-voucher reserving your copy, which will be shipped when manufacture is completed, approximately 6-8 weeks from now.

Some of you have asked about the game's production. The opening song and video is using the license we negotiated for the PSP version, but is now in high resolution. The Japanese version's original song is also licensed and user-selectable. This game features the very cool first-of-its-kind-in-PlayStation RPGs Dual-Screen play feature where a PSP or Vita can be used as a controller and their screen will display additional information relevant to what's happening on the PlayStation 3 screen. It's a very exciting feature we hope to see in many other RPGs soon! Check out the video below that demonstrates the feature, and be sure to select 1080p with the gear icon, then make the video full screen to see the details on the PSP/Vita screen more clearly.

We are using Amazon checkout for payment processing, so if you need to add an address, modify your address, or add/edit credit card information, please do that on Amazon first, then come back here when you're ready to go.

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slk486slk486Skrevet 24/06-14 08:54 
Love it. Mere af den slags tak - LEer af oop stuff :)
SumezSumezSkrevet 24/06-14 09:25 
Tusind tak! Det lukker af en kæmpe toldbøde, men jeg er ret ked af at jeg gik glip af PSP-udgaven i sin tid.
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DarkbeatDarkbeatSkrevet 24/06-14 12:26 
Jeg har også bestilt én
slk486slk486Skrevet 27/06-14 15:35 
Havde slet ikke set der er dual screen play. Cool.
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