Infinite Space

DarkbeatDarkbeatSkrevet 14/01-10 16:54, rettet 14/01-10 16:55 
Jeg bed lige mærke i dette nye DS spil der er på vej. Ligner ved første øjekast et almindeligt RPG i rummet, men det lyder meget mere alsidigt end som så:

Fra wiki

The player navigates the ship using the Nintendo DS touchscreen by first choosing a destination, then engaging the engines to move towards that destination. Spaceship battles occur in real-time, with attacks utilizing a "command gauge" feature. As the command gauge builds up, the player can use it to perform attacks against an enemy ship. The rate at which the command gauge fills depends on the crew of the ship, so a more skilled crew will increase the capabilities of a ship. When the player boards an enemy ship, the player takes control of their character to fight through the ship.

Japan's Famitsu magazine rated it 9/9/8/8 for a total of 34 points, earning it a Gold award. "From the ship customization that reflects the player's tastes down to the tiniest detail to the battle difficulty (you are killed instantly if you let your guard down) to the vast and complex SF story; every aspect of this game is deeper than I imagined," wrote one reviewer. "The sheer volume is also overwhelming, and I applaud their efforts. There are some unkind parts of the game, but they are easily overpowered by the game itself."

Several other reviewers were similarly "overwhelmed" by the "vastness of the setting," which one found "simply staggering." High marks were generally given to the ship customization: "Customizing your ship doesn't seem very flashy, but it's highly addictive, and the customizations stick out pretty well from each other."

All this adulation came to Infinite Space despite the game's high learning curve. "The battles present a pretty high hurdle, and you can't even let your guard down in regular fights," one wrote. "It takes time to learn the tricks to battle, but the game stands up to extended play." Another agreed: "The game can be severe, with seemingly insignificant decisions having effects on the entire game situation. It seems complex at first glance, but the interface is easy to use and the game's simple to get into."

JuggernautJuggernautSkrevet 15/01-10 09:59 
Jeg har luret lidt ud på Juu-tjube, og det virker nu ret spændende. Indtil videre et must-have, men lad os se hvad der sker, når anmelderne får fat i det.
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Born2PlayBorn2PlaySkrevet 16/01-10 16:22, rettet 16/01-10 16:23 
Ville gerne have det, men jeg er simpelthen ikke udholdende nok til number crunching og Customization i den mængde det her spil kræver.
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