Fanboy site:O

ValkyrieValkyrieSkrevet 08/06-03 11:24 
Wow..... Her er en der har lavet et website kaldet http://www.xcrap.tk Han ser ud til kun at kunne lide GC og PS2, men hader åbenbart Xbox:/

Tjek de her Quotes fra div reviews:

Shenmue 2: "I`ve said it before, and I will say it again: Everyone hates Sega.

Xbox gets another crappy port. Shenmue 2 is a sega Dreamcast game that never made it to the american gamers due to the lack-luster sales. Why? Simple. It sucks big hairy gorilla balls. Read on and you`ll see."

Halo: "Halo is basically another overated mediocre pile of garbage. It`s quite arguably the worst FPS ever created. How did it recieve the "Game of the Year" award of 2002 from many popular websites/magazines you ask? Simple: They were paid by the devil (Bill Gates)."

Blinx: "Every major video game company has its own cool mascot that everyone seems to love. Nintendo, of course, has Mario, Sega has Sonic, and Sony has Crash. What does Xbox have? A stupidass looking fat orange cat who carries a vacuum cleaner around (Luigi had his vacuum cleaner way before Blinx did, so don`t even say it`s innovative). What makes me laugh the most is the fact that Blinx was actually being called the "Mario Killer" of this generation. Thats just one of the thousand reasons why Xbox fanboys are stupid and have no friends. Anyone who would think that is either a stupid xbox fanboy, as I`ve just mentioned, or extremely retarded. Blinx does not fit in with the big boys (mario, sonic, crash). He belongs with the embarrasing rejects such as, Bubsy the cat or that one daredevil looking fellow with the wings and the fangs. Anywho, here`s the review:"

Hell.... Tjek hans "Xbox is kidde" artikel ud:

"Fat Kid who owns an XBOX: Hey everyone, look at me! I`m cool because I own an Xbox!!! I could care less if all the games are shit because they make me look less retarded than I really am!

Real Gamer: How about getting a real system, such as a Gamecube?

Fat Kid who owns an XBOX: HAHAHAHA Gamecube is for baabbbies!! Hahaha.

Real Gamer: And why is that?

Fat Kid who owns an XBOX: ummmm because it has....it has that kiddie game Mario Suckshine!!

Real Gamer: Why exactly is it "kiddy"?

Fat Kid who owns an XBOX: Err...uhh...because its very COLORFUL and bright!!! Yeah yeah, COLOR IS FOR BABIES!!

Real Gamer: Idiot....

Fat Kid who owns an XBOX: I have no friends. Do you want to be my friend?

Real Gamer: No

^ Sound familiar? It should. This is a perfect example of how stupid and ignorant an xbox fanboy could be. Face it, people who don`t know much about video games, like that fat kid over there, go for the XBOX. There, I`ve said it. All, yes I mean ALL Xbox owners ARE casual gamers who get the system, not for quality games, but for the sole purpose of trying to make friends (which always seem to fail by the way, I guarantee. How do I know? Well, that story of the fat kid who owns an XBOX is actually true. He goes to my school and I`ve noticed that he`s been recieving a lot more beatings, ever since he got his XBOX.).

They think that mature games make them look cool. It`s actually quite sickening really that 80% of the gamers today are made up of Casual gamers (Which is the real reason why XBOX is still up and running).

It is, indeed, really ironic how Xbox is labeled the mature system while gamecube gets the "kiddie" image. Read on:

It is safe to say that most GCN owners have been playing video games since the NES times. Having said that, Nintendo loyalists, such as myselft, are generally more mature and have a better knowledge about the video game industry than those stupid idiot casual gamers (or kids) who think that blood, graphics, and bouncing breasts are more important than actual game play. Okay, I will admit that most Nintendo games are very vibrant and colorful, but does that make the game "only for kids"? No, of course not. Do you really think that a five-year old kid could get through the first level of Super Mario sunshine, let alone manage to get all 120 shines? No. All Gamecube games are more difficult and challenging than Xbox games. Xbox games may have blood and gore, but they always seem to be on the easy side. Admit it, Xbox games were designed to be easy which is perfect for little kids or newbs who just plain out suck. Xbox is the kiddie system here, not Gamecube."

Sorry, jeg ved alle har meninger, men jeg kan ikke lade vær med at føle at den her person er en monster fanboy!
Well crucify the insincere tonight...
dRxLdRxLSkrevet 08/06-03 11:31 
The Hest >
...jeg ved alle har meninger...

Noget andet alle har er røvhuller, men derfor er det ikke nødvendigvis noget vi andre ønsker at kigge på ;-)
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NaieraNaieraSkrevet 08/06-03 11:37, rettet 08/06-03 11:38 
The Hest >
Shenmue 2 is a sega Dreamcast game that never made it to the american gamers due to the lack-luster sales.

Første fejl... Så gad jeg ikke læse videre lige pludselig!
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SolaegSolaegSkrevet 08/06-03 11:38 
Lol dRxL!

Ej, han er egentlig lidt sjov at høre på i sin lille indelukkede verden (* Går hen og giver min Xbox et kram*)!
PlaykidPlaykidSkrevet 08/06-03 11:42, rettet 08/06-03 11:43 
Udover han er fanboy, så er han også ret selvglad;)
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Q:On a scale from 1-10, how much do you RULE?

A: 11


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RitesRitesSkrevet 08/06-03 11:46 
Håber at I har forstået, at den side er for sjov...
» a winner is you «
SolaegSolaegSkrevet 08/06-03 11:47 
Prøv at læse de rewievs af Halo, Splinter Cell og Jet Grind Radio. Det er alle nogle ekstremt flotte spil (især da de udkom), men han siger næsten kun negative ting om grafikken i spillet. Gameplayet kan diskuteres, men man kan altså ikke kalde disse for andet end flotte spil.

Måske jeg skulle indse, at nogen bare er sådan! :-/
NaieraNaieraSkrevet 08/06-03 11:50 
Rites >
Håber at I har forstået, at den side er for sjov...

Nej da, han mener det seriøst ;)
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RitesRitesSkrevet 08/06-03 11:53 
Griberg >
Måske jeg skulle indse, at nogen bare er sådan! :-/

Det er for SJOV.

You know, "HAHAHAHA"-sjov?

Gaaawd damn!
» a winner is you «
JoachimMAJoachimMASkrevet 08/06-03 12:01 
Samtalen med den fede dreng og den rigtige gamer frik da nogle smil frem i mig:) ok sjov side.
Jo mere du knokler, desto mere skal du lave!
SolaegSolaegSkrevet 08/06-03 12:15 
Ja, ja! Men den er altså lidt underlig! ;-)
ckruseckruseSkrevet 08/06-03 13:32 
Ret syret at give Universal Studios 9/10 med et straight face. :)
NaieraNaieraSkrevet 08/06-03 13:58 
Den studsede jeg også en smule over ;)

Bare ærgerligt at han direkte lyver i nogle af anmeldelserne. Så er det jo lige pludselig ikke sjovt længere...
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ckruseckruseSkrevet 08/06-03 16:26 
Det minder mig om en historie de bragte på PlanetGamecube for godt 1½ år siden:


SumezSumezSkrevet 08/06-03 18:25 
Naiera >
Bare ærgerligt at han direkte lyver i nogle af anmeldelserne. Så er det jo lige pludselig ikke sjovt længere...

Ja, men de steder hvor han har ret, er det faktisk meget underholdende ;)
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ValkyrieValkyrieSkrevet 08/06-03 18:44 
Mange af hans argumenter, i f.eks. Volly ball reviewet er jo sande for et synspunkt. Jeg synes det virker troværdigt nok til at det skal menes seriøst..... Det er vel bare hans mening, og tjek hans forum.... damn...
Well crucify the insincere tonight...
SumezSumezSkrevet 08/06-03 18:45 
Det at han har fat i nogle sandheder får det jo nok til at virke troværdigt. Han kører jo for det meste på overdrivelser. Overdrivelse fremmer forståelsen. Men som Naiera siger, er der for mange steder hvor han kommer med en direkte løgn/indbildning.
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SolaegSolaegSkrevet 08/06-03 22:31 
Snydekoderne er også ret sjove!

Her er koder til Halo:

Follow step by step to unlock "Better Game play" mode by me

Go to the title screen and select campaign mode. As soon as it loads,you turn it off and you buy yourself a Gamecube + Zelda:Wind Waker. You will notice the drastic change in gameplay.
PlaykidPlaykidSkrevet 09/06-03 00:32, rettet 09/06-03 00:34 
Valkyrie >
, og tjek hans forum.... damn...

Ja, jeg kan godt lide den måde han opdeler emnerne i;)

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Tror bare han holder med 2 systemer for at virke mindre fanboyagtig, tror egenligt ikke han bryder sig om PS2.
Baseret på at han kun bruge Nintendo musik som baggrunds musik, bl.a. Zelda og Doktor mario.
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