Se lige denne GBA gadget

DizzyDizzySkrevet 14/07-04 18:20 
Se lige denne GBA gadget

Movie Downloads in Japan
The company AM3 is offering a Japan-only device, that lets the users play movies on the GBA. Users can download the first four Pokemon episodes by inserting 300 yen ($US 2,70) to the "Advance Gasha-Pon". The files will be save on 32 MB (?) flashcards, which are also selled.

AM3 has also ideas to offer Comics, maps and music using this system.
This new service is currently only available in Japan.

Mon dog at denne tingest kommer til Dk :(

set her
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DizzyDizzySkrevet 14/07-04 18:21 
eller denne

Se lige denne GBA gadget

GBA video phone
Another invention from Japan:
The company Digital Act announced a device, that turns the GBA into a video phone. This device will first selled in Japan at the end of July for 19.000 yen (near $US 170).

The Campho Advance has the functionality to allow video conferencing. The device has a camera with a resolution of 110,000 pixel and a framrate of five/sec.

The User can connect the Campho Advance to a standard telephone. The Phone will be handled using
the GBA Buttons and phone numbers can be saved to the memory in the unit.

The company plans to release 10.000 units.
Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy - Benjamin Franklin
The DaneThe DaneSkrevet 14/07-04 20:43 
"Advance Gasha-Pon".

Det lyder som et eller andet pornoinstrument :D.
Men ellers så får de nogen mærkelige apparater derovre.
Jeg gør hvad jeg kan, og så gør jeg det godt!!!Spiller nu: Final Fantasy VII: Dirg..., Breath Of Fire: Dragon ..., World Of Warcraft
SøgAArdSøgAArdSkrevet 18/08-04 00:37 
Nogen der har prøvet GBA MOVIE PLAYER?
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